Please consider volunteering!

We always appreciate the help of anyone who can donate their time and talents to give something back to our community.  Volunteers are needed to help us organize, set up and break down for all of our events. Note the days of our events, and volunteer to help us make these events more successful.

Volunteers are needed for the 2017 Fort Verde Days (second weekend in October,) the 2017 Fort Verde Days Parade, the 2018 Spring Heritage Pecan & Wine Festival (third weekend in March) and the 2018 Corn fest (third weekend in July.)

We are currently seeking volunteers for the 2017 Fort Verde Days and the Parade.

If you are interested in helping, please sign up below.


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Fort Verde Days Parade


Sign up to volunteer for the 2017 Fort Verde Days Parade!

Volunteer opportunities:

Set-up: 7AM until finished - 2 people needed: These volunteers will be picking up tables and chairs from the field, moving tables and chairs and a generator to the announcing station, and setting them up. There will be four stations to be set up. 

Check-In: 6:30 AM until parade starts. 2-3 people needed: These volunteers will be checking in the entrants, giving them their assigned number, instructions and rules, plus tape on their number. 

Line Up Coordinators: 6:30 AM until all entrants checked in are on the road. 2-3 people needed: These volunteers will be putting numbers on crates so entrants can find their spaces, help guide the entrants to said space and also explain rules so all are on the same page. You will be responsible for reminding entrants that no one can throw anything off their float. 

Announcers: 9:30 AM until parade is over. 4 announcers are needed: These volunteers will be announcing the participants of the parade from a booklet that you will be given. the booklet should be in your hands Friday night, so you can read and have any questions answered before the parade. 

Bashas Clean Up: 10 AM - 11 AM. 2-4 people needed: These volunteers will take the numbers off the crates and then return the crates to Bashas. They will also check the parade staging area and clean up any garbage that has been left behind so the area is spotless. 

Pooper Scoopers: 9:30 AM until parade is over. 2 groups of 2 needed: These volunteers will be able to participate in the parade so they can dress up if they wish to try to win an award for being something unique in the parade, but their duty is to follow the horses, mules, goats, and pick up the poop that has been dropped along the parade route. One of the groups of 2 needs to be in the middle of the parade and the other at the end of the parade. After the event is over, they can deposit the poop into the dumpster at the town parking lot. 

Break Down: Immediately after the parade. 2 people needed: These volunteers will pick up the generator, tables, and chair, and extension cords from the announcing areas and take them back to the gym. 

October 14, 2017

Start Time
End Time
Available Spots
7:00 am
6:30 am
Line Up Coordinators
6:30 am
9:30 am
Bashas Clean Up
10:00 am
Pooper Scoopers
9:30 am
Break Down
10:15 am


Please be sure to include your email address and phone number when you sign up for a shift. We will be corresponding with our volunteers by email to share reminders and updates on our events. If you do not have an email address, please use as the email. Please call 928-301-0922 or 928-300-0179 for more volunteer information. Thank you for volunteering.